This blog was started to save my Facebook feed from photography related posts as it easier to babble here and reach the audience that is really interested in photography. I will post articles from here back to my Facebook feed occasionally, but not always and it’s easier to omit, as it’s clearly shows it’s yet another post on the photography blog. I skipped the film era of photography almost completely. My only memories were shooting my poor quality fixed lens film camera I had during the 1980’s. Though afterwards the pictures look just fine – and better than anything you can get using Instagram. I started photography again a few years back by collecting old lenses that nobody seemed to want, as they were not compatible with modern digital cameras. Because of that the prices were very low and currencies were helping me also, because at the time EUR was strong against USD, GBP and other currencies that I used to buy the lenses from all around the world. I got also film cameras, flashes, teleconverters, camera bags etc. with some of the lenses.

My aim on this website is to sort of review these old vintage lenses, but not in the way reviews are usually done, so I will not shoot any test charts or measure sharpness, I will go out and try the lenses there in real environment. I will also test and review new lenses and gear if I get my hands on those, but until then I have plenty of glass to test out. In addition to gear reviews I plan to tell stories about my and others travels around the world, photography in general and as an art form, philosophical questions around pictures etc.

Disclaimer for authorities: I’m a full time software engineer with photography as a hobby. I’m not available for paid nor free work. The blog has no income whatsoever. Do not bother me with statements or reports about non-existing work or income.

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