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Guest Editors Needed

I’m currenty running this site on my own. Writing articles, taking photographs and taking care everything runs smoothly. However, if you have time and would like to join the team, writing articles and adding photographs, I’d very much like that. The only requirement is that I can see some of your previous work, public or non-public. There are positions for several new editors, so joining is most probably not very hard. This is sadly not a paid job, since I don’t get paid even myself. That would of course change if the money was pouring in from somewhere, but at the moment it isn’t. But it’s called a hobby, a passion, and all of you who share the same mindset, please contact me. I’ve updated the contact page to be slightly easier to use and it hopefully works. If it doesn’t, drop me and email about the same thing and please mention if the contact form wasn’t working. Your location doesn’t matter and it’d be great to have people all over the world posting their articles here. If you felt that this is something you might be able to do, contact me. You can resign anytime you want if you think this is not your thing, but all help is very welcome. The website visits are steadily rising even though I haven’t run any campaigns or paid advertisements for it. Only 11% of the visitors are from Finland, so getting the global perspective would be nice. For this same reason the articles have to be written in English. The more exotic gear you have, the better, but don’t be scared if you have just an iPhone but really have learned how to use it. We can also share experiences around photography outside the webpage in Facebook, email or whatever the medium is.

Oh, one more thing. If you’re calling, for some reason my London phone number goes to my voicemail very often even though the phone is on network. Same happens on the Finnish mobile network though, so I guess the problem is common all over the world. If that happens to you, drop me an email or use the contact form in Contact page.