A Short Walk Along Tourujoki River

Today I went for an hour walk along the Tourujoki river, which is almost in the centre of City of Jyväskylä, Finland. From the photographs you’d never guess there are 180000 people living nearby, 135000 in the immediate vicinity. The river connects lakes Tuomiojärvi and Jyväsjärvi together and is on bottom of a deep gorge. Normally you don’t see the river as the treetops are below street level.

A pedestrian bridge over the river. It looks a lot better when seen from below.

Some of the forest has been left as is, which greatly increases the feeling of walking in the deep wilderness far away from the city.

Parts of the riverside are hard to walk, so the city has made wooden steps along the path.

Some of the forest path strips feel like being really far away.

The river isn’t dry by any means, but some parts of it are very shallow.

More wooden pathway to help cross some of the wet parts of the riverbed.

The riverbed has been left as is, because to my knowledge parts of the river are protected.

This photograph certainly doesn’t look like being almost in the centre from the city, about 1 km away.

I had also my Leica M5 with me and shot about 20 frames on film. The film has still some frames left and I’d have to develop it first, so that’s the reason why the Leica photographs are not here. I don’t know yet if I’ll make another post with them, because most likely they have totally different look than these shots made with a 35 mm Zeiss.

Oh, and finally… Sorry for the funky layout in this article. I don’t know why the photographs won’t stay the way I want them to, but flow freely with text instead. I hope you could still read and see the full story.

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